As well as group based work, Sophie offers 1:1 sessions and consultancy. These sessions are conducted via Zoom, though in-person sessions are also possible.


Mentorship sessions are useful for individuals or small teams who are working to set up, or are currently running, consent-based, self-directed settings, whether these be education settings or other business/charitable organisational contexts. Mentorship can be arranged as an on-going support for strategy, planning and design, practice de-briefing, trouble-shooting and coaching in the work, or as a targeted block of sessions designed to address a specific issue.

Personal Sessions:

Personal sessions are for individuals and couples/families on deschooling and self-healing journeys, working towards creating their own consent-based and self-directed lives. These sessions include working on identifying and taking apart blocks, creating a sense of groundedness, insight and framework for their process. Personal sessions help in finding sense, understanding, and clearer pathways for moving forwards.

Session style:

Sophie’s session style is in-keeping with consent-based and self-directed practice. You can choose to have ‘straight up’ sessions, or ‘magical’ sessions, which draw on her intuitive and spiritual work and practices.


Sophie offers 1:1 sessions via Zoom on an hourly basis, or in person by special arrangement. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of working with her in this way, please get in touch to find out what is currently available, and/or to express interest for when space becomes free: hello@sophiechristophy.com