Children’s rights and childcare

I’ve been invited to a local college to talk to childcare students about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

I am so thrilled to have this opportunity – if there is one thing that has the power for positive change in this world it is more people knowing about and respecting children’s rights, from birth.

The focus is on the right to play, but when it comes to rights, all are as important as each other and are interconnected.

I am very interested to hear what the students have to say. They are their rights too after all.

Alanis the Unschooler

I am so in love with unschooling right now, and it seems I’m not alone.

Check out Alanis. Unschooling like a boss and posting about it on Twitter.


You might think that unschooling is all about the kids. And of course, that’s usually where things start.

But what I have discovered on this journey of unschooling, is that it is just as beneficial for me as it is for the children.

Healing things that I didn’t realise needed to be healed, expanding my capacity for creativity, deepening my understanding the world. Curiosity run wild.

Isn’t it ironic. Don’t you think.

Universal Children’s Day – stop smacking

The Welsh Children’s Comissioner has written optimistically about the Welsh Assembly granting children equal protection under the law regarding domestic abuse.

Full legal protection from smacking, hitting, any form of physical violence.

This is an essential step for children’s rights, for children’s recognition as people and rights holders, not second class citizens, property of their parents or the state.

For this to happen in England, The hearts and minds of MPs must connect in to the issue.

280 MPs have signed up to the ‘Children are Unbeatable’ alliance.

It’s time to start lobbying if your MP hasnt done so yet.

Big Magic


I’m reading this book at the moment.

As I read it, it is morphing my thinking, my brain is changing. You know when a book hits you at just the right time? That’s what’s happening to me with Big Magic.

It feels great.

In fact, the whole #100words thing is inspired by this book.

It’s not always easy to find time to write properly. Especially as a person who is inclined towards perfectionist thinking.

But I feel much better when I write something, and I’m getting to grips with that being good enough.

Thank you Liz, your book is awesome.


While we commit violence in the world, militarily, commercially, politically, environmentally, socially, peace in our own countries is only an illusion.

This is no excuse for the terrible events in Paris, but if we want to live in a safe world we need to think very deeply and rationally and address the causes of global violence.

ISIS raises millions daily selling oil. Our taxes support arms fairs at the EdExcel.

I have pain in my heart and mind for all who suffer violence in our world. That pain was there before last night and it will be there tomorrow.


A peak at unschooling…


Once a week a friend and I organise World Explorers – a get together for home educating under 7s and their families.

We travel to different countries and explore places through all the senses.

This week we went to India. We have been to Egypt, Mexico, France, Australia, next week is Japan. It’s a great way to travel when air fares are out of reach.

Activities and objects are provided, people interpret and play with them in different ways, together and independently.

Researching these sessions has made me realise how little I learnt in school about the world we live in.

Mother love


Have you ever wondered why there is a social view against comforting children?

I have.

I’ve thought about it a lot, where the idea that love could be spoiling might come from.

My conclusion so far is that it is misogyny. That love, comfort, empathy, gentleness, are held as feminine traits, and are therefore risky, to be dissuaded.

When parents feel pressure to get their love in check – to leave their crying baby, not to hold them too much. To teach them through the withdrawal of love, to force independence, that to me it is part of the feminist struggle.