Consent Based Education Course Online: July – August 2020 FULLY BOOKED


This course will run on 6 consecutive Thursday evenings, from 8-9.30pm, starting on Thursday 2nd July, and finishing on Thursday 6th August. There will be a bonus session for those that want it on Thursday 13th August, payable at the end of the course, on how to hold a consent-based circle/meeting. We will be using Zoom to meet. Once booked on to the course, I will add you to a private Facebook group, which we will use for the duration of the course, to share the resources that lead in to each session, to use as a community space, and to post links for the Zoom calls.

About the course itself:

Consent Based Education Course

(for parents and other people living and working with children)

As parenting evolves beyond the traditional authoritarian model, and families make the choice to live together in more respectful, socially just ways that acknowledge the personhood and agency of children, essential questions arise as to what that means in regards to our relationship with ourselves and others, our outlook and interaction with the world around us.

Consent Based Education is a response to this tension. What happens when authoritarianism/patriarchy, the basis of all our existing systems, is stripped away, and we become more questioning and individually empowered in our own lives and desire this for our children too? What does it look like to move beyond patriarchy to embrace our own personhood, and question the education and social inheritance we’ve received up until now? What does consent and voice mean to us, and how do these things relate to authenticity and self-actualisation?

This course is designed for parents and people who live/work with children, who want to explore and go deeper into their understanding and experience of Consent-Based Education, for their own personal development and to support life long learning in a consent based way.

The course is made up of the following six sessions:

Week 1: What is Patriarchy?
Week 2: Breaking Cycles – the Process of Change
Week 3: What is Consent Based Education?
Week 4: Love and Relationships, Boundaries and Freedom
Week 5: Living and Learning, Creativity and Flow – our own self-directed and consent-based education
Week 6: The Bigger Picture

Please Note: This course, when committed to, has transformational qualities. By participating in it, you may experience realisations that can be challenging, (positively) disruptive, and catalytic of change. We can do the best, deepest and most meaningful work together when we are aware of and open to this. It must, as you can imagine, be on a consensual basis, so please really consider this before committing to take part. You can manage your own participation during the course – as you would expect seeing as it is consent based! – in alignment with your current needs and sense of readiness, where that is necessary. If you have any questions at all regarding this, feel free to get in touch with me to discuss:

Booking: (Please note: there is a waiting list for this course, so please only book if you have heard from me that you have a space first. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please drop me an email)

To book a place on the course, please make payment of £90 via Paypal, by Sunday 28th June 2020 here:

We can make alternative arrangements if you are in financially precarious circumstances – I get it, so please don’t feel any shame in flagging this up to me, just drop me an email and we will figure out what is best to do. I do not want for anyone to be prevented from participating in this course because of financial circumstances.

As part of the booking process, please also drop me an email to introduce yourself and let me know why you have booked and what you are hoping to get out of the course. I’m really looking forward to meeting you.
With love and solidarity,