Critical self-reflection for deschooling

Photo by Lianhao Qu on Unsplash

In order to deschool, critical self-reflection is really important. By that I mean the interrogation of beliefs and thoughts in order to root out the internalised ideas that limit and undermine our return to ourselves, and our awareness of what it is that is possible for us.

Critical self-reflection looks like pausing in our thoughts, thinking and actions, to ask the question: Is this true? two times. By challenging our assumptions, beliefs and ‘normal’ ways of being in this way, we are called to ask about their origins, intention, truth and validity, and therefore their power and influence in our lives.

When we ask: Is this true? we are creating a space for questioning and criticality. By asking ourselves twice, we are pushing the point: the second time says: how can you be sure, is it really true? Doing this is a loving act, by not letting ourselves get away with a simple or automatic answer, or dismissal of the interrogation.

Where the answer is: I’m not sure, a sliver of light is let in to go futher. If we are not sure if something is true, there is an opporunity for expansion, new ideas, change and new realities. If we can not be sure that it is true, then we have the chance to go deeper to find what is closer to feeling or being true in our hearts and our understanding. If we can not be sure that it is true, we have the opportunity to let it go and engage with an alternative that is it least ‘as true’ if not closer feeling to what could be true, to be more open to other possibilities, and gives us greater opportunity being at least true to ourselves and having more authentic and meaningfully self-directed choices and awareness.

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