#microUMA link dump

Part of the UMA process includes blogging all the bits and bobs, kind of as part of the discipline and to try to make the process as transparent as possible. For me, it’s also where some of the key deschooling happens, because of the vulnerabilty of posting scrappy content. Today I did a bunch of reading and research on my phone in amongst a busy day, but I didn’t have the opportunity to process it and write up notes and reflections properly. So this late night post is mainly a link dump of what I found, to come back to later. Grateful for the internet, and all of the things that I can find there!

A few things that came up for me today that were interesting, was the history of steel drums in Trinidad and Tobago, the Canboulay Riots, and that in 1877 the ruling colonial British government banned the playing of drums. I’ve also been considering the name of the tongue drum that I bought, and questioning it’s name. In my previous post I mentioned wanting to call it a ‘bell drum’ and also referred to it as a ‘bell ball’. As I understand it, it isn’t actually a drum at all, pan might be a better description. The tongue drum seems to me to be very similar to the steel pan (more about the origins of the tongue drum via the links below), and this is from wiki on the name of steel drums/pans: “Drum refers to the steel drum containers from which the pans are made; the steel drum is more correctly called a steel pan or pan as it falls into the idiophone family of instruments, and so is not a drum (which is a membranophone).” I alos love the etymology of idiophone:


The word is from Ancient Greek, a combination of idio- (“own, personal” or “distinct”)[2] and -phone (“voice, sound”).[3]

Links from today to come back to:









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