Two in person workshops, July 2022, Devon, UK.

I’m really delighted to have two in-person events coming up in July, taking place on consecutive days in Devon, UK. Here is all the info and details to book:

Holding Consent-Based, Self-Directed Space – Experiential Training Day

Monday, 25th July 2022


Nr. Buckfastleigh/Dartington, Devon, UK

This one day training session is ideal for people who either want to run/facilitate consent-based, self-directed education settings/communities, or who want to adapt their ‘one off’ workshop/session practice to be more consent-based and self-directed. This applies to spaces being held for children and/or adults. The focus will be on in person sessions, but what is learnt on the day can be adapted for holding online spaces such as Zoom too. 

The day will include: 

  • Creating your clear invitation, including identifying your intentions, frame, and fixed and moving parts
  • Opening meeting structure and practice, including agreements, check ins, plans for the day/session.
  • Risk management agreements
  • Conflict navigation
  • Facilitator role and identity
  • Closing meeting

There will also be a short theory introduction to consent-based, self-directed education at the start of the day, and the opportunity for trouble-shooting and Q&A throughout. Please bring a packed lunch. 

The participation fee for the day is £85. There are bursaries available to subsidise the fee, please contact me if you need this. If you would like to contribute to the bursary fund, please consider paying over the participation fee in order to enable other folk in different circumstances to you to join. 

There are a maximum of 14 spaces available for this training day. 

This event is now fully booked. To express interest and be added to the waiting list, please email:

Wild Power, Pride and Prejudice

Tuesday 26th July, 2022


The Glade, Dartington Estate, Devon, UK

  • Have you ever been in a group where you have felt invisible to the facilitator, to your peers, or even to yourself?
  • Have you facilitated a group and worried that you have inadvertently excluded someone, or been concerned that your own social and cultural background limited your capacity to connect with others?
  • Have you ever been in a group where you’ve felt more influenced by group dynamics and peer pressure and facilitator expectations than your own inner knowing and needs?
  • Have you ever facilitated a group and in hindsight wondered about how consensual or ethical your practice was?

By using the wild world as a backdrop, we will explore some liberatory and inclusive ways of leading and facilitating groups. We will talk about consent-based practice as a way of overcoming patriarchal power dynamics and advancing social justice. We will ‘queer our work’ by looking to new networks of elders, teachers, and guides. We will find ways to counter our own fears and prejudices and to work from a place of pride in all that we are and all that we bring. We will invite you to bring your experiences from your own lives and work to these discussions.

This workshop is especially for people working in ‘wild spaces’, such as outside, nature/land based settings, forest spaces etc, and who are seeking to draw on nature connection and relationship to the animal, plant and elemental world in their work. I am co-running this workshop with Max Hope, and it is being hosted by Wildwise. For more info and booking click here.